You Are My Sunshine, with Terry Galloway

You Are My Sunshine, with Terry Galloway

Terry Galloway spent years living in silence, until technology in the form of a cochlear implant caught up with her. “You Are My Sunshine” is Terry’s comic, sometimes moving, sometimes profane exploration of what happened after she literally regained her senses.

Esther’s Follies co-founder Terry Galloway returns to Austin for one night only at the Scottish Rite Theater!


You Are My Sunshine: A Kind of Love Story
Wednesday, August 31, 7:00 PM

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Terry Galloway is a German-born/Texas-raised, deaf, lesbian artist and activist. As a globe-trotting, grunt-work performance artist, she’s performed all four of her one-woman shows, directed by her wife Donna Marie Nudd, in a variety of venues from the American Place Theater in New York to the Zap Club in Brighton, England. When she lived in Austin, Terry was known for her cross-dressing performances at Shakespeare at Winedale and at Esther’s Follies, of which she was a founding member. She also co-founded Actual Lives Austin and Actual Lives Tallahassee, the writing and performance workshops for adults with disabilities. In Tallahassee, Florida she’s best known as Mickee Faust, the cigar-puffing, beer-swilling evil rat (twin to a certain unctuous rodent in Orlando) who heads up the Mickee Faust Club, a theater, radio and video performance company that bills itself as “community theater for the weird community.”

Over her 38-year career as an alternative artist working on the theatrical fringes, she has won grants, fellowships and awards in theater, literature, radio and video from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Texas Institute of Letters, Pew Charitable Trust, Columbia University, Austin’s Circle of Theatre’s, NYC’s Villager, the Kennedy Center, the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, Public Radio News Directors Incorporated and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Her articles, monologues, poems and performance texts appear in numerous anthologies about queerness, disability, theater and Elvis. Her memoir, Mean Little deaf Queer published by Beacon Press, was a Lambda Award finalist and winner of the Golden Crown Award.

Five years ago, she got a cochlear implant that allowed her to hear for the first time since she was nine. Her first reaction to the wonderful new world of sound was to try and pull her screaming head off. Her second was to write a piece of theater about it.

“You Are My Sunshine” is her comic, profane and occasionally moving exploration of what happens to a woman who literally regains her senses. Sunshine made its American debut at Cornell University as part of their Re-Soundingly Queer Festival and made its international debut in Liverpool UK as part of DaDaFest International.

Praise for Galloway’s performances

“She’s deaf. She’s queer. She’s a woman. And from the minute she begins the audience’s safe, dark anonymity is threatened.” Chicago Outlines

“A hoot and a provocateur from the get-go – Galloway blends physical humor, wry intelligence and a heartfelt mortification at human suffering. ” LA Weekly

“Side splittingly funny and shocking, she never failed to connect.” LA Times

“She drew us into a bond that proved unbreakable” ArtForum

“. . .making wild sport of her own disabilities in defense of the defenseless, her main theme, eloquently pursued, is the use of art in hanging tough against life’s adversities.” London Times

“Tough humor in the face of frightening subjects. . . bizarrely funny.” San Francisco Examiner.

“Fiercely intelligent and brimful of ideas for shaking an audience out of its gosh-aren’t-we-enlightened complacency and onto that uncomfortable narrow ledge where we’re not sure whether we should be laughing or crying.” London’s Time Out

“As the lady says when we laughed: ‘sometimes it’s too damn late to do anything else.’ Great stuff!” London Times


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July 17, 2016