Once Upon a Whaaa?!

Once Upon a Whaaa?!


1 classic story, myth or fairy tale
1 group of expert improvisers
1 audience full of great ideas

Combine all ingredients and mix together until you have a totally new hilarious story!

Saturdays and Sundays in June, Austin Scottish Rite Theater and Hideout Theatre present “Once Upon a Whaaa?!”, a fully improvised mashup of some of our favorite classic stories. The skilled improvisers from the Hideout Theatre will take the Scottish Rite stage to completely remix well-known stories using suggestions from the audience. Since it’s improvised, each show is totally unique, never seen before, never to be seen again!

What would happen if Prince Charming had to win a singing competition to wake Sleeping Beauty up? What if Snow White went on a road trip? Find out Saturdays and Sundays in June at 11:00 AM at Austin Scottish Rite Theater!

June 1-30, 2019


Sat Jun 1 : 11 AM
Sun Jun 2 : 11 AM
Sat Jun 8 : 11 AM
Sun Jun 9 : 11 AM
Sat Jun 15 : 11 AM
Sun Jun 16 : 11 AM
Sun Jun 23 : 11 AM
Sat Jun 29 : 11 AM
Sun Jun 30 : 11 AM

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