The Rainbow Fish Musical

The Rainbow Fish Musical

The Rainbow Fish Musical 2

April 20 – May 12, 2024
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Austin Scottish Rite Theater is proud to present an underwater spectacle to behold! Denizens of the deep unite in this breathtaking musical extravaganza. The Rainbow Fish is the only one of their kind who won’t let you forget it anytime soon! Come ride the waves of friendship, belonging and what it means to shine!

Little Fish has always admired the star of the ocean, Rainbow Fish. The shiny scales and fantastic fins create the illusion of being the most beautiful fish in the sea, so why is Rainbow Fish always alone? As their biggest fan, Little Fish wants to include their hero in the fun of the fish school and maybe gain a friend! But, when Rainbow Fish shows their true colors and hurts Little Fish’ feelings in a public outburst they begin to understand just how lonely the sea can be. Follow the ebb and flow of this beloved story as each new character helps Rainbowfish to celebrate their talents while gaining insight into community, sharing and where happiness can be found.
Available dates for ASL – Interpreted Performances

The Rainbow Fish Musical

Friends can look and act in an entrancing kaleidoscope of ways, but it can be easy to overlook someone when we only have our own interests in mind. Laugh along with easy going Starfish, learn a lesson from wise Octopus and open your hearts to Little Fish and all his school friends as they help Rainbowfish discover that beauty is not the only thing that makes them special. It takes bravery to dive to the depths of the ocean, and even more courage to take a deep breath to look at ourselves.

Color, movement and songs that will delight cascade throughout this performance. As the talented cast and crew make a splash you’ll be happy to sail along with vibrant vocals, become part of an underwater world and find a few pieces of magic that you have never explored before. The undercurrent of friendship and self discovery will uplift any spirit as the incredible costumes and sensational sites create an atmosphere that is fun for the whole family.

Directed by Austin Scottish Rite Theater’s Artistic Director, Deanna Belardinelli, this school of fish moves as a unit and have their fins, pincers and tentacles outreached, beckoning you to join! Don’t miss out on this heartfelt tale that celebrates unique beauty and strength as well as the joy of open arms and minds to include one and all.

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