Susan Gayle Todd, Ph.D.

Producing Artistic Director

Susan first fell in love with Scottish Rite Theater in 2012 when she wrote and co-directed her first children’s play: Three Little Pigs, the Musical. Before that time, Susan’s theater work had always focused on bigger kids. With a Ph.D. in Theater History and Performance Studies, an M.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies, a B.A. in English, and Secondary Teacher Certification, she has for two decades specialized in Shakespeare and adaptation while studying, directing, teaching, writing, or performing in a variety of venues: Shakespeare at Winedale, Leander High School, Oxford University English Programme, Shakespeare’s Globe in London, the Swan Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon, the University of Texas, the Huntington Library in California, and St. Edward’s University. Susan’s greatest joy is in creating community through theater, whether with family, friends, students, or professionals. She has co-founded and directed Shakespeare programs in schools and communities, including Austin’s all-female Weird Sisters Women’s Theater Collective, founded in 2004. She also founded and directed the Leander High School Shakespeare Program, co-founded and directed Summer’s Lease troupe in Georgetown, Texas, and sponsored the St. Edward’s University Shakespeare Club. Susan is excited about the untold possibilities of building community through the arts at Scottish Rite!

Susan Gayle Todd

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Too Many Stories!
Weekday matinees
June 14 - July 26
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தில்லாலங்கடி மோகனாம்பாள்
Thillalangadi Mohanambal

Tamil language comedy from Austin Tamil Sangam
July 7

Once Upon a Whaaa?!
Improv from the Hideout Theatre
August 5 - 27
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Woman in Black
With Penfold Theatre Company
October 13 - 30
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Concerts & More

Black Fret Concert
July 8

Magic at the Capitol
July 22
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Wassail 2017
December 17

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