since 1871

Ghost Hunt:
A Quest into the Paranormal!

Ghost Lights

March – April 2024

Ghost Lights:
A Quest into the Paranormal!

The doors of Austin’s oldest historic theater are opening to the public for the first time, to host paranormal investigations.

Rumors of ghost sightings, sounds, smells and the unexplainable movement of objects have been reported since the building was built as a German Opera House 153-years-ago in 1871. This is an exclusive partnership with the nationally renowned Austin Ghost Tours and Austin Scottish Rite Theater.

The theater is located in what was once called Old Germantown, it is an area steeped in legend and lore including the serial killings of 1885. Austin Ghost Tours has done extensive research on the building and the area north of Austin and near the University of Texas. Real history and fun equipment will help us discover who or what is contributing to the ghostly legends of the Austin Scottish Rite Theater. This is a 2-hour private access to the entire building event. Join us for this most unique experience. If you are afraid of ghosts this is not an event for you!

  • April Dates:
    4/20 – 10pm start
    4/21 – 7pm start
  • May Dates:
    5/5 – 8pm start
    5/11 – 8pm start
    5/12 – 8pm start
  • June dates:
    6/2 – 8pm start
    6/9 – 8pm start
    6/16 – 8pm start
    6/23 – 8pm start